A Love Letter to My Tribe

Domo-Kun Loves You - Skateboard

Domo-Kun Loves You – Skateboard (Photo credit: Amarand Agasi)

I am blessed in that I have a tribe, a tribe of wonderful women who do not hesitate to call themselves my friends. We are spread all across the world and I am very thankful that the internet makes keeping in touch nearly as easy as it was when we were mostly all in the same place. My tribe has given me strength, love, healing,  and sisterhood. Our relationships are real, they are sometimes complicated and sometimes difficult but they have never ever, not for one single moment, been competitive. I have taken from them and I have given to them.

My tribe has nurtured me into the human being I have come to be. It has given me role models, it has given me strength, it has given me laughter, but most of all it has given me love. My tribe has loved me when I have helped them through their shit and they have loved me when they have helped me through mine. They have loved me when I have found it hard to love myself. They have been there for my good times and walked with me through my bad times. At the hear of it, my tribe has given me the wings to live the life that I want to.

I found many of you at a particularly difficult time in my life where I was feeling both terrified and alone. The building of our relationships on such strong foundations restored my faith in other people and allowed me to do things with my whole heart. You reminded me that I am a good human being, that I am strong and brave and that I have things to offer. My relationships with you allowed me to open myself up in a healthy way. I grew up with you. I learned what it means to be a woman in this world with you. You continue to challenge me in all the right ways. I don’t think I will ever stop learning from you. I look forward to when we are old and grey, eating delicious baked goods and talking about how awesome all the young women we know are.

I want to thank these women, they know who they are, for being who they are and for being who they are to me. My life has been made richer for having you in it. I am grateful for all that you have have given me, it has been more than I ever could have imagined. I love each and everyone of you more than you could ever know.

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