The Lesbian Mafia Has a Big Transphobia Problem

I came across this post through twitter the other day and it really pissed me off.

For Party Crashers: Our Argument On Safe-Spaces For Women · TheLesbianMafia · Storify.

The  Lesbian Mafia have repeatedly made the claim on twitter and on their blog that opening women’s spaces to trans women is dangerous. They say that opening women’s spaces to anyone who says they identify as a woman “compromises women’s spaces irrevocably.” In the piece linked they do not say why but on twitter they explicitly stated that they believe that allowing trans women into women’s spaces ostensibly makes cis women more vulnerable to sexual assault.  Furthermore they seem to be labeling anyone who calls them out for being transphobic as a cyberbully.

The notion that trans women are a danger to cis women is not a new one, and it is steeped in transphobia. It is based on the notion that trans women are posing as women for some ulterior motive such as gaining access to women in places they would not have access to if they presented as men. This is frequently used as a reason not to grant trans women access to women’s only bathrooms. The amount of discrimination trans people of all kinds face in modern western society is overwhelming. They face high rates of suicide, murder, homelessness. Trans women face an actual and constant risk of assault because of transphobia. To me this is far more serious than the mythical risk that cis women face from trans women.The Lesbian Mafia appears to be deeply invested in policing the boundaries of womanhood. How we qualify who is and who is not a woman is deeply contested, definitions are sometimes based on arbitrary notions of presentation or the presence of certain organs both of which exclude some women cis or trans.

Trans women are deeply entrenched in oppression, they face more axes of oppression than cis women and portraying all trans women as dangerous to cis women is contemptuous. Women only spaces should be open to some of the most oppressed women in our societies.Policing the boundaries of womanhood is exclusionary, divisive and it is contrary to the principles of intersectionality. Feminism is for all women. Maintenence of a safe space is based upon a mutual commitment to the principles of a safe space. It relies on effective moderation and the ability to expel those who continually threaten the safety of a space. Trans women do not threaten the safety of a space by virtue of their existence.

The Lesbian Mafia seem to get very upset about being labeled transphobic for saying transphobic things. Transphobia is real and it hurts trans people in very real ways. It is groups like the Lesbian Mafia, who appear to be intent on fragmenting feminism that make it poorer for all of us. Feminism is about equality for all and to achieve that we need to be inclusive, and this includes in women only spaces. The inclusion of trans women only makes our movement stronger and it deeply saddens me to see statements like those being made by the Lesbian Mafia finding popular support.

At the end of the day, trans women are women and yes their word is enough for me. We need to moderate safe spaces based on individual actions.



6 thoughts on “The Lesbian Mafia Has a Big Transphobia Problem

  1. Sorry but you have misunderstood what The Lesbian Mafia was saying. This is most likely due to your severe anti-lesbian hatred. It blinds you and in this case has made it impossible for you to read. The Lesbian Mafia said that the “I identify as a woman” policy is dangerous because anyone (trans or non-trans) can say they are a woman. It is no secret to the LGBT that male predators stalk lesbian-only events. With policy like this any one of these men can say “I identify as a woman” and they now have to be let IN in whatever state or locally this policy change hits next. It is destroying lesbian culture and it is dangerous. Male predators can stalk women-only establishments and argue and fight at the door to get in as it is. Now these predators will HAVE to be let in by law.

    Your anti-lesbian bigoted assumptions hurt us. Siding against lesbians and spewing your invective at us without having any understanding or knowledge about what is going on in OUR community hurts us. Thank God for women like The Lesbian Mafia, I for one am grateful they exist to combat ignorance like yours. It just bothers me because The Lesbian Mafia does amazing work for women and lesbians and is not transphobic and many transgender women agree with the The Lesbian Mafia and have been very vocal about it so that you would so carelessly try to defame other women is shameful. You really need to check your lesbophobic bigotry.

    • It is is a pretty tall order to come into my space and tell me I hate lesbians when it is blatantly untrue.

      Inclusivity of transwomen is not even close to the same thing as allowing men into a space.

      Advocating for less marginalisation of trans women is not even close to the same thing as anti-lesbian bigotry.

    • Wow. When reading your comment, all I could think of was, “And history repeats itself”. Seriously, stop the cycle. Look at yourself. Deal with your obvious and apparent energy, and channel that amazing energy into something incredible. Something constructive, please.

  2. This post reeks of bigoted anti-lesbian homophobia. You are lying in this post because I have read all of The Lesbian Mafia’s work on this subject matter and they have never said trans women are a danger to women or that they are made vulnerable to sexual assault in connection to it. The Lesbian Mafia has never said this. You are lying. Shame on your bigotry and homophobia. You should be ashamed of yourself, bigot.

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