Vandalism of Abortion Nurses Car Deplored | Scoop News

Vandalism of Abortion Nurses Car Deplored | Scoop News.

The above press release disturbs me immensely for a number of reasons. It makes me worry that in New Zealand we are slowly moving back towards a climate of Anti-choice violence like that which is seen in the USA where abortion providers are routinely targeted. Someone cut the fuel line of this Nurse’s car. That is an act of vandalism and fundamentally it is an act of terrorism. It aims to cow this woman into no longer acting as an abortion provider. This is unacceptable.

The group ‘Right to Life’ on the one hand deplores the act of vandalism while at the same time using language that is both misleading and designed specifically to arouse acute emotional responses.

“Overseas experience would suggest that the perpetrator may be a very angry father who was frustrated by his inability to prevent the killing of his unborn child in an abortion at AMAC.”


“In 2011 there were 1,157 unborn children killed at that clinic. ALRANZ claim,”abortion care providers are valued and supported by their community.” Why should the community value and support those who in violation of their medical ethics inflict violence against helpless women and a violent death to their precious unborn? “

Abortion is not violence against women, in fact lack of access to abortion is violence against women – I have written more about that here I value and support abortion providers in my community because they provide a valuable service in line with medical ethics.  ‘Right to life’ on the one hand condemns the vandalism while on the other aims to provide a justification for why such an act is ‘understandable’.

They also claim that ALRANZ (Abortion Law Reform Association) is an organisation that has little support in the community.   I support ALRANZ because they are an organisation that is working in my interests. They are advocating to ensure that my bodily autonomy is protected from those who would seek to take it away from me. I am speaking out because I believe that the right to abortion should be protected legally in New Zealand. This event as well as the threats that ALRANZ recieved over an abortion service provider in Invercargill give me a sense that the anti-choice movement in New Zealand is mobilising. I want them to know that such sentiments are not welcome in New Zealand.  That is why I created the twitter hash tag #ISupportALRANZ, because we need to raise our voices now to nip this in the bud.  Many people in NZ do not realise that abortion is on the criminal code but the exceptions tend to be interpreted generously, this is an unacceptable state of affairs as it leaves women in a precarious legal position. ALRANZ fights to make abortion truly legal in New Zealand.

New Zealand has a reputation for having a good record on women’s rights. Now is not the time to backslide. I will not allow lies and manipulation to go unanswered. Lack of access to safe legal abortion has very real consequences, it results in death and disability.  Violence against abortion providers is not welcome in my community. Misinformation about abortion is not welcome in my community. Slut shaming is not welcome in my community. I will not have my rights taken away from me.

Tweet your support for ALRANZ with #ISupportALRANZ

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