Quickie: Main – Malaysia – Another rapist’s ‘future’ saves him from jail @ Wed Aug 29 2012

[Content note for discussion of statutory rape and rape culture]

So this is vile.

Main – Malaysia – Another rapist’s ‘future’ saves him from jail @ Wed Aug 29 2012.

Heres the thing, if the sex in question comes under statutory rape laws, than there is no legal way for it to be consensual. It cannot be sex, it must be rape. Hence this person being found guilty for ‘statutory rape’

The reason such a thing as statutory rape exists is because we hold that people under a certain age do not know their own minds, or do not have the maturity and emotional capacity to make important decisions such as whether having sex in a particular instance is right for them.

This man was found guilty of crime, he should pay the price. This was a sentencing hearing, not a criminal trial. HE HAD ALREADY BEEN FOUND GUILTY. By claiming that this rape was consensual sex even though by its very nature this is impossible you are undermining the entire doctrine of statutory rape. By claiming that the future of this man is more important than the fact committed a crime you are diminishing the value of this young girls bodily autonomy.

This is Malaysia, so sadly the chances of this judge being paid off for his judgement is not insignificant, that does not change the message of this judgement. Statutory rape is never consensual, can we please stop treating the men who are convicted of it as victims of predatory children?

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