Fuck you Bob Jones

[content note for discussion of fat hatred sand body shaming]

It is really disappointing that excrement like this gets published. It simply proves that the main-stream media is more than happy to take pot shots at marginalised groups in order to sell papers. I provide the link only to illustrate the kind hate that people who do not have socially acceptable bodies deal with on a daily basis.  From the cliche photo of a fat woman eating something to the dehumanising language, this article exists purely as a piece of bigotry and hate. It clearly has the intention of dehumanising fat people and turning them into targets for shame and vitriol.

Sir Bob Jones: Roll up, roll up – see the skinny freak – National – NZ Herald News.

When someone can and does say that fat people are barely human freaks, on a national platform no less, it is a clear indication that fat phobia is not some made up phenomenon. It is real and it hurts people. Opinon pieces like this are part of the cultural landscape that lead to appearance based bullying in schools being the most common type of bullying experience, the reason that young girls think getting fat would be worse than getting cancer, nuclear war or losing  their parents (Council of Size & Weight Discrimination (1996).  I really hope you don’t have daughters, because this is the gift you have given them. A life of fear and body policing, of worrying over every little morsel of food wondering if this will be the thing that makes you fat and therefore a target for this kind of hate.  (This is not to say that fat shaming affects women exclusively but the extreme pressure especially at young ages is different to how men experience it.)

If fat shaming could make people thin then there would be no fat people left, because I can tell you without a doubt that we have all been shamed in our lives. Even if my health or that of any other fat person was his business (which it isn’t),  ironically it is articles like this, ones that tell us we have no right to be in public, that we are disgusting and hateful, result in us not doing things that could improve our health. Regular exercise is beneficial for most people (not all) regardless of whether it results in weight loss or not (see here if you are interested in more information).  The culture which birthed this article is the same culture which spews abuse at a fat woman as she takes an evening stroll or goes for a run, shaming her into not doing those things ever again.

At the end of the day the main thrust of this opinion piece is that Bob Jones is sad that he now has insufficient boner candy to look at as he walks around town. How sad for him.  My body does not exist to be pleasing to you Bob Jones, and luckily for me  as a fat brown woman with tattoos it never will be.  What a sad little man you are.

If Bob Jones’ piece brought up any issues for you, you can find help here : http://www.eden.org.nz

2 thoughts on “Fuck you Bob Jones

  1. Heh. And let’s not overlook the misogynistic, racist tropes about “Chinese Beauties” and their love of shopping. How the hell was this dude knighted?

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