Quick Hit: Women the solution to boosting figures | Stuff.co.nz


Women the solution to boosting figures | Stuff.co.nz.

This article bemoans the fact that the proportion of beer drinkers in New Zealand who are women is tiny.

From the Article:

“A New Zealand brewery has set up a two-man department to investigate the problem, and it has come up with a solution: get girls to drink beer. Callum O’Brien, a hospitality development consultant (yeah, right) at DB Breweries, has been to Australia and the United States to examine why women there drink more of the amber liquid. In that time, the proportion of New Zealand women opting for a cold one has also declined (from 14 per cent to 13 per cent). O’Brien knows the category’s been shrinking. Figures out yesterday show beer volumes in New Zealand have fallen from 308.7million litres in 2010 to 288.6m litres last year.”

You know what would inspire me (a woman) to chose beer over other drinks? If beer advertising wasn’t so fucking sexist all the fucking time.  I even like beer. I don’t like women being objectified and men made to look like dumb shits all the time. I’m looking at you Tui. It just makes me think your product is as shitty as your marketing (who knew.)

I think I just saved the beer industry a million dollars or something.

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