Quick Hit: Sex Abuse, the First Stone, Judge Not, and All That

I read this post over at Love, Joy, Feminism the other day. Sex Abuse, the First Stone, Judge Not, and All That. One of the things that struck me is that while so often we as a society are willing to give rapists or alleged rapists and sex offenders the benefit of the doubt we will not do the same for victims of rape.

A commenter on her blog posted:

“I am trully saddened in my heart to read about the death of Tom White, especially the way it happened. But those of you who have no sin, throw the first stone!How sick that people so quickly jump to conclusions, WHO SAYS THAT THIS IS TRUE??????? It might just as well be a big lie and Tom might have had already so much on his shoulders that he couldn’t face this false accusation. For those of you who have written negative things about him, how would you have felt “beign innocent”, if you were accused falsely of something like this. Be careful those who judge, as the same measure you judge, you will be judged….. The investigations might show that he is totally innocent, and even if not, I believe it is for NO ONE to go and sit in the judgement seat. As far as I know, God is the ONLY ONE that has that right, not humans…. I am more saddened about the responses of some and this sickening article than hearing about a brother that “might have fallen”….. Do not rejoice with evil but with good…….. It almost look like you are enjoying gossip and slander, just remember, NO GOSSIPERS OR SLANDERERS will enter the Kingdom of God……be careful!!!”

While people are frequently quick to defend people who have been accused of rape claiming they need to be given the benefit of the doubt. The same people who jump to the defence of the accused will claim accusers to be liars, sluts, people who would give it to anyone, crazy, and delusional. There is no christian lack of judgement there.

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