Kiwi women ‘most promiscuous’ – Craig – Politics – NZ Herald News

Kiwi women ‘most promiscuous’ – Craig – Politics – NZ Herald News.

From the article:

Colin Craig told Radio New Zealand he had no problem with people using contraception if they pay for it themselves, but people should not have to pick up the bill for another person’s lifestyle choice.

“Until we get back to the principles of personal responsibility and paying our own way, we will not stop the encroachment and continuing cost of a welfare state which we simply cannot afford even now,” Mr Craig told Morning Report.

“Why should, say, a 70-year-old who’s had one partner all their life be paying for a young woman to sleep around?

“We are the country with the most promiscuous young women in the world. This does nothing to help us at all.”

Ok so I may be simply encouraging a political nobody but I would like to squash this kind of discourse before it takes a foothold in New Zealand as it has in other parts of the world.

Firstly the main fallacy: young women with many partners are not the only people who use contraception. They are probably not even the majority of people who use contraception (although I have no stats to back this up, not unlike Mr. Craig himself). Women who are in long term committed relationships use contraception. Women who do not have any sexual partners use contraception. Men use contraception. That mythical 70 year old that Mr. Craig speaks about has probably used contraception.

Family planning is a right that many women and men have fought hard for and it should not be a privilege of the rich, or those who can “pay their own way”.  Studies have shown time and time again that availability of contraception (along side comprehensive sex education) results in better health outcomes generally in terms of the reduction of the rate of STI’s and lowered instances of unwanted pregnancies.

Using contraception as an issue to demonise young women who have many sexual partners is unacceptable. Whether a woman chooses to have one or a hundred sexual partners is none of Mr. Craigs business. If he is interested in protecting the health of these young women as he mentions later on than taking away subsidised contraception should be the last thing on his agenda.

The issue of contraception is not about subsidising certain types of lifestyles. It is about ensuring that everyone has the opportunity and the ability to choose the number and spacing of their children.  Stop trying to cloud the issue Mr. Craig, it does you no credit.

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