Womanly Things

Sometimes I get so frustrated with how anything associated with women is deemed frivolous and unimportant. Women’s fiction, women’s  cinema, women’s interests, women’s issues.

Being girly in common parlance means being into fashion and make up and skin care and interior decorating and having things match. Basically making all things including yourself pretty. There is nothing innately wrong with this it is just simply the assumption that this should be all a woman should want and could ever be interested in that is deeply problematic.It is just as problematic that ANYONE who is interested in these things is frivolous and stupid and womanish because that is what they are womanly.

I feel like that the way things operate right now is that it is awesome for women to like things that are traditionally associated with masculinity and that these things are ‘gender neutral’ and that this neutrality has freed us from having to be interested in silly traditionally womanly things, as no one would REALLY be interested in these things given the choice.

This is obviously not true and makes many women feel at odds with the mainstream feminist movement and also does nothing in terms of making socially constructed gender boundaries more fluid as it is OK for women to be interested in and to do more masculine things because they are ‘better’ but not for men to do the opposite because traditionally female things are ‘worse’.

6 thoughts on “Womanly Things

  1. I find it frustrating that it’s socially OK for my daughter to be so called “gender neutral” (wear her brothers hand me downs, play with cars etc) but when my son wants pink pyjamas and dolls, the opposite is true. Double standards or what! But that’s a whole different kettle of fish I suppose.

    • I think the two things are definitely related and very sad. I don’t think on a conscious level but subconsciously at least people think why would a boy want to denigrate himself like that? It is at the root of a lot of gender policing for boys.

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  3. Too right, if you’re a transgender person who was born female, people may not even notice unless you tell them. The other way round, and you’re beaten up in the street, a la my ex-partner.

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