An Indian Odyssey Part 2

I have been in India ten days and it feels like I have covered a massive amount of ground. From Srinagar we took a bus to Leh which is nearish the India-Tibet border. It was a marathon 20 hour journey that both gave incredible views and hair raising moments (mountain roads can be SCARY). Leh doesn’t really feel like India. Ladakhi people look closer to Tibetans and the religion of the area is Tibetan Buddhism with colourful prayer flags fluttering everywhere. Being 3500 meters above sea level the climate is sunny (up to 300 cloudless days a year) and dry. The nights are cold.

It feels a little bit like I am on another planet. Brown Himalayan mountains rise out of sandy plains which are dotted with green river valleys. Yesterday we shared a jeep with four other people and visited a few of the monasteries or gompas as they call them here. Each one was totally unique and one of the high lights was clambering through the ruins of Shey palace feeling the deep history of the area.


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